Academic Grand Rounds

To build research collaboration and momentum as well as start a research culture, monthly Academic Grand Rounds (AGR) will be organised. These will be targeted at residents/trainees and consultants in all SingHealth RADSC institutions/departments, with an aim to showcase achievements in RADSC Education and Research and to provide a forum for exchange of ideas and to encourage cross-institution collaboration.

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Upcoming AGR:

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July 2018

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Past Academic Grand Rounds:

May 2018

- Begin with the end in mind: How to ensure your QI project is sustainable - Ms Yeo Su Qian

- To reduce outpatient waiting time from arrival in department to actual CT scan start time by 20% in 4 months - Dr Ivan Ho

- Learning the basics... A Rendezvous with QI in Radiology Nursing - Ms Joyce Khor

- Optimisation of ultrasound room utilisation in Outpatient Imaging Centre, Singapore General Hospital by minimising no-show rate to less than 10% in six months - Mr Tan Lee Wei

Apr 2018

- CT Lung Cancer Screening in Singapore: A Deep Dive into Solutions and Innovations - Dr Charlene Liew

- ​Accurate Delineation of Orbital Diffusion Indices in Optic Neuritis: Cytotoxic or Vasogenic Edema Dr Helmut Rumpel

Mar 2018

- ​Paediatric Neuroimaging - A/Prof Marielle Fortier

- ​Tumour cellularity on DWI is the most useful single predictor of low versus high grade paediatric brain tumour on MRI Dr Tang Phua Hwee

Jan 2018

- ​Imaging of knee osteoarthritis Dr Steven Wong

- ​Duke Radiology - Resident's Perspective Dr Lim Kheng Choon

Nov 2017

- ​Inter-Professional AGR: Challenges in Breast Imaging Dr Rameysh Danovani, Ms Charo Micu, Mr Christopher Au, Ms Anne Wong & Ms Lily Lai

Oct 2017

- ​Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging – from "Unclear Medicine" to "New-Clear Medicine", where the brightest people want to be Dr Winnie Lam

Sep 2017

- ​Multiparametric Prostate MRI and MRI-ultrasound Fusion Prostate Biopsy Dr Lee Chau Hung (Tan Tock Seng Hospital)

Aug 2017

- ​Pulmonary Infections & Complications in Immunocompromised/Post-Transplant Patients (Tele-Lecture) - Dr Arun C. Nachiappan (University of Pennsylvania)

Jul 2017

- ​Improving Documentation of Critical Imaging Test Results - Dr Cheong Wei Kiong

- ​Diagnostic Radiology Residency –Towards A Harmonised Curriculum - Dr Haja Mohideen Salahudeen Mohamed

May 2017

- ​Inter-Professional AGR: Acute Stroke Intervention in Singapore A/Prof Deidre Anne De Silva, Mr Syed Zain, Ms Chan Wai Yee & Dr Anil Gopinathan (NUH)

Apr 2017

- ​Acute Stroke Care: The European Perspective - Prof István Szikora (National Institute of Clinical Neurosciences (NICN)

Mar 2017

- The Normal & Abnormal Adnexa: Approach & Multimodality Evaluation; Lessons from the IOTA Group  - Dr Teo Sze Yiun

Feb 2017

Radiology Research at LUMC: What it Takes to Become an Academic Department - Prof Mark van Buchem (Leiden University Medical Center)

Jan 2017

 - Building a Radiology Research Programme - Prof Mitchell Schnall (University of Pennsylvania)

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