ACP Academic Day

RADSC ACP Academic Day is held to encourage and promote research and education in the RADSC community by serving as a platform for ongoing research and education projects.

Join us in this inaugural event, which will showcase the research and education achievements of our clinicians, nurses and allied health professionals.

We look forward to seeing you!


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Please click the image to view a larger version (PDF)

A Research Odyssey in Radiology
A/Prof Chan Ling Ling will chronicle her two-decade journey in clinical research in Radiology, sharing her experience and tips as a clinician scientist surviving the odds.
What We Do Well, Where We Can Improve from the Perspectives of the Different SIs
Dr Lynette Teo, former Radiology Residency Programme Director from NUH, and Dr Daniel Wong and A/Prof Winston Lim,current Radiology Residency Programme Directors from TTSH and SingHealth respectively, will share and highlight the strengths and weaknesses of their programmes. In this forum, the aim is to learn from one another’s programmes and to improve the standards of Radiological teaching.
Resident Feedback on the Programmes and Faculty
Dr Chia Ghim Song, ex-Chief Resident, will speak on Residents’ feedback on the SingHealth Programme and Faculty.  He will provide the point of view from Residents, who are the people whom the entire Residency programme is geared towards training.

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